Join the Land of Israel Fellowship and experience weekly live online sessions and get access to exclusive recorded teachings from Tehila & Jeremy Gimpel and Rabbi Ari Abramowitz.

What You Will Receive:

  • Exclusive Personal invitations to every live gathering of the Land of Israel fellowship featuring insights into the Hebrew Bible, teachings on Biblical prophecy, the Biblical Feasts and the Hebrew keys to unlock the Bible. .
  • Direct personal contact with Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel as well as Tehila Gimpel. They will be available to you for questions, guidance, and prayers between each session via email or direct Whatsapp. 
  • Access to all the recorded Fellowship teachings and archives. 
  • BONUS - Full access to the exclusive series on the Book of Joshua by Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel.

I have never in my life heard more beautiful, impactful, insightful and even glorious expression of words within one single hour. From beginning to end - PURE gold!! I can't even do justice in trying to feed back you my reactions to countless notes of wisdom in the music of your teachings.

-Don Straub, USA

What You will Learn and Experience:

  • Lessons on the Torah and the books of the prophets with special emphasis on Biblical wisdom for navigating these turbulent times.
  • Hebrew words and concepts, essential for true understanding of Biblical verses and their deeper meanings. 
  • How to align with the destiny of Israel and harness the eternal blessings of Israel’s spirit. A path of Teshuva (repentance) for the world.
  • Practical integration of the values, spirit, and commands of the Torah, the Prophets, and the sages of Israel in everyday life.
  • Understanding Shabbat and the biblical festivals, and what they mean for the nations.
  • No matter what your level of Bible knowledge or Hebrew is, the sessions are easy-to-follow in English and designed for everyone from all backgrounds.

"The live sessions are fantastic. My husband Michael looks forward the Fellowship every week. I, personally, listen the weekly session at least 5 times because the depth of the messages pierce my spirit and soul."

-Anna Mary Lopez, USA 

  • Join the land of Israel in its journey toward the Messianic era unfolding before our eyes.
  • Experience Isaiah’s vision as our Fellowship is our virtual House of Prayer for all Nations (Isaiah 56). 
  • Join an exclusive community of Jews, Christians, and nations of the world who are fulfilling Zechariah’s prophecy-

And many nations shall join themselves to the Lord on that day and shall become a people unto me (Zechariah 2:15)

“The organic perspective you’ll get from this online Bible Master class is something that you simply can not get from a pastor (or even a Rabbi) in America, or anywhere else outside Israel! It really brings the Torah to life in a way that words simply can not describe!”

-David Zachary, Boston MA

"In these stressful and toubled times that are presently living in, logging into the Fellowship is like entering into a little bit of heaven. Listening to Jeremy, Ari and Tehila give their Judean viewpoint on scripture and life is like a wave a sanity washing over me in a world that is going crazy. It sets me up with joy, peace and courage to face the coming week."

- Daile, UK

"We have been in The Land of Israel Fellowship from the beginning. We are not new to studying Torah, but for the first time we feel like we're in this together with our Jewish brothers and sisters. It's a Fellowship we call home. It's personal and intimate. We have a 16 year old grandson who was paralyzed in July. The prayer from the Judean mountains and the special private encouragement along the way have helped us train our minds to focus on gratitude and trust in the perfect will of our Heavenly Father."

- Ardelle Brody, USA